Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Well, I hate the fact that blogger posts the most recent thing first. I've got a story to tell but it must be told in order so I'm writing it in a word processor and will then post it in chapters all at once, the last part first and so forth so once it is all posted it will be in the right order. I guess if I want to post anything after that I'll have to post it all over again to keep the order right. Big pain in the ass, but whatever.

The story is about the first time I had sex, it isn't a regular story. Please click the comments button on the top menu bar if you have anything to say to me. I want comments. Story to follow soon, I hope. Be ready, its long.

Saturday, November 24, 2001

I've started this blog a number of times and deleted just as many. I've got some things to write but once down on paper I feel I haven't give the stories their due. I really want to do them justice, they have to be told right or they just sound cheap. Maybe the experiences are trashy but they didn't feel that way at the time, nor in hindsight either.

This blog will start soon, I'm perfecting it in my word processor.